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Helpful  Recommended Forensic / Case Law References Documents

Electronic Evidence by Jordan Gruber 1995
16:16 Audio Recordings Discovery; Thru 16:20 Compendium - (Model Interrogatories for Videotape Testimony)
AES 43-2000 Standards and Information Documents - (Protocols and Guidelines for Authenticating Audio Evidence - Audio Engineering Society, Inc.) 
Modern Scientific Evidence - The Law and Science of Expert Testimony  Volume 3 by David Faigman / Michael Saks / Joseph Sanders - 2002 Chapter 31 - The Judicial Response to Proffered Expert Testimony on Talker Identification (Voice Identification - Admissibility Rulings and Standards)
Todays Video - by Peter Utz - Editing a Videotape (Detecting Different Types of Audio and Video Edits [assemble vs insert edits])
"Alaska v Coon"  Supreme Court opinion dealing with the admissibility of spectrographic voice identification and the qualifications required of an expert witness under the Daubert ruling. (3/5/99, 974 P 2d 386)
"Spectrographic Voice Identification - A Forensic Survey" - Acoust. Soc Am 79(6) June 1986 by Bruce Koenig (FBI survey of 2,000 voices during 15 year period revealed 99%+ accuracy in Voice Identification cases)
'USA vs Drones Appeal from the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas - Voice Identification (No 99-20483)
Electronic Evidence - Gruber - Chapter 8:22 "Authentication of Video Evidence"
Electronic Evidence - Gruber - Chapter 11:22
"Basic Video Editing Procedures"
Electronic Evidence by Jordan Gruber 1995 - Chapter 16 excerpt -  (Model Discovery Checklist for Audio and Videotape Recordings)
Electronic Evidence by Jordan Gruber 1995 16:15 Audio Recordings Discovery; Thru 16:20 Compendium - (Challenging Authenticity of Audio and Video Recordings and Suggested Interrogatories)
Electronic Evidence - Gruber - Chapter 16:5
"Video Recordings - Uses of Video Recordings During Trial"
(Technical Guidelines for Admitting Audio and Video Evidence)
Electronic Evidence - Gruber - Chapter 16:18 + 16:20
"Video Recordings Discovery"
(Model Interrogatories for Video Forensic Experts)
Electronic Evidence - Gruber - Chapter 8
"Admissibility and Evidentiary Considerations:  Video Recordings"
Electronic Evidence - Gruber - Chapter 12:8
"Forensic Video Discipline"
Locating, Paying, and Consulting with a Forensic Tape Expert
American Jurisprudence - Proof of Facts  -Volume 16 Chapter 14 "Videotape Authentication" Laying a Proper Foundation for Admission of Videotape Evidence and Interrogatories