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Here you will find documents commonly requested by both future clients and existing clients. We are currently upgrading this site to offer you downloadable versions of these documents in PDF format. 

If you have difficulty printing these out please call our office at 877-292-7514 and we will be happy to fax you a copy.

Letter of Agreement

This is a standard letter of engagement that we use when being retained by a client. We require that a signed copy of this document or one similar to it be on file in our office before we begin work on your case. 

Rule 26

This is a small listing of public trials in which Steve Cain has recently testified. It also includes contact information for former clients. 

Sample Affidavit

This is a sample discovery motion for obtaining original evidence.

Steve Cain's Curriculum-Vitae

This is a link to Mr. Cain's CV  which outlines his education and previous accomplishments.

Kelly Humphrey's Curriculum - Vitae

This is a link to Ms. Humphrey's CV as which outlines her education and previous accomplishments.

Tape Handling Procedures

This is a link to policies and procedures used when handling and managing physical evidence at Forensic Tape Analysis, Inc.

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