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Steve Cain has been contacted by several news organizations to comment on the process of voice identification, audio and video authentication, audio and video enhancement,  and other forensic advice.

This section contains transcripts of some of those appearances and URL Links to sites when available.

Vanity Fair: Contacted May 2005

CBS 60 Minutes 2: Contacted Jan 2005
Green Bay Police Officer convicted of murdering his estranged wife in 1999 though he has always maintained his innocence
"A Question of Murder"

Associated Press: Contacted

Abilene Reporter: Cited in Article August 6th, 1998
Defense attorneys opened their case with the videotaped testimony of a voice expert who contends Bob Angleton is not one of two men heard plotting the slaying on an audiotape.
Defense begins its case in murder-for-hire trial"

Houston Chronicle: Cited in Article July 17th, 1998
An expert hired by prosecutors to evaluate evidence in the case of Robert Angleton, a former bookie and police informant accused of conspiring to kill his wife, is now on retainer for the defense.
"Expert hired by prosecutors now working for Angleton defense"

New York Daily News: Cited in article November 14th, 2002
Analysts are comparing the voice purporting to be Bin Laden's.

New York Post: Cited in article November 14th, 2002
"Is Voice Osama's? Experts will Know"

Washington Post: Cited in article October 24th, 2002
Reading the Mind of a Killer; Letters and Calls May Yield Clues to Forensic Scientists : The Serial Snipers.
"Reading the Mind of a Killer; Letters and Calls May Yield Clues to Forensic Scientists"

Newsday: 2001 article
"Alteration Of Tapes Can Be Detected, Experts Say

 News Service: Cited in Article November 13th, 2002
Quality the key to bin Laden tape.
Quality the Key to Bin Laden Tape"

National Public Radio: live radio interview November 13th, 2002 (story details link)
National Public Radio (NPR) (transcript link)
November 13, 2002 Wednesday
(show link)

Talk America WADC: live radio interview

Greta Van Susteren Fox News Channel: Contacted

Nachman MSNBC: Appeared November 13th, 2002
MSNBC - HomePage

At Large with Geraldo Rivera Fox News Channel: Contacted

WISC-TV3 Madison , WI : Appeared


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